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The Purpose Summit Berlin, June 2 - 3


Two days of insight and inspiration.
Over thirty purpose-driven leaders.
One global movement of transformation.

Ignite Your Purpose

Have you ever been so fully engaged in a mission that your body, heart, and mind felt like they were all perfectly aligned? Have you ever found yourself in a state of flow and synchronicity where it almost felt that the whole universe was conspiring to support you? Have you ever experienced a moment, or week, or year when your life just seemed to make sense — when your gifts, the world’s needs, and the support to connect the two were seamlessly interwoven together? The more you align with your own unique personal purpose, the more these instances will become less a spontaneous occurrence and more a simple way of being.

This event is for you if you want to:

  • Find and live your purpose
  • Experience engaging workshops and inspiring speakers
  • Link your project to global organizations
  • Scale your impact
  • Network with a like-minded community of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and spiritual activists from around the world

Featured Speakers are:

  • Bruce Lydon, International School of Temple Arts
  • Nick Jankel, Switch On
  • Ervin Laszlo, Club of Budapest
  • Narkis Gaya Alon, Double You
  • Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller, Evolution at Work
  • Tom Thominson, Encode
  • Elizabeth Debold, One World in Dialogue
  • Joana Breidenbach, Better Place
  • Thomas Steininger, Evolve Magazine
  • Terry Patten, Bay Area Integral
  • Mounira Latrache, Connected Business

More info

You find the event schedule here.

To read more about the event, including FAQs, click here.

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