Limber Payaguaje Yiyocuro

Solar Technician from Aboquehuira


My name is Limber Payaguaje, I represent the Siona nationality and am 22 years old. I am from the community of Aboquehuira. I have eight brothers, two sons and one daughter.



What does it mean for you to be a solar technician?

I like to work as a technician. I like to support the communities, to share among technicians, and to be together with all the different nationalities.


How do you feel about bringing light to your community and the other communities?

I feel very good about the fact that we are supporting the communities with solar systems and are creating access to clean energy. With lights we see. Before the project we had no lights and we could not see in the night. Now we have light to see everything. Before, we used to live with lamps, candles, now, we are living with solar panels. That is great.


What do you like the most about the solar project?

I like the most that I can learn about solar energy and solar systems to support the communities.


What are some differences between the communities and nationalities?

We have different cultures, but there are also many things that are the same. We all drink a lot of chicha, that is the same, but the languages are different.


How can people access your community?

To go from Lago to Aboquehuira, we need to go by bus. It takes 2 hours and it costs $ 3.75. Then, we need to get off along the river to cross with the canoe to the other side of the Aguarico river.


How have the communities welcomed the technicians?

In all communities we have been received very well. Families helped us to unload the materials and our things.


What do you do in your free time?

I prefer to work, I like to do any little job, to be with my family, to go fishing. I also like to play sports, specifically soccer. I have a Sequoia friend who is very good soccer player, he is a defender in the Amazon sports club. He is now playing in Tarapoa. He is very good.


What is your dream?

My biggest dream is to work and support the communities. I am the community treasurer. Before I used to be the president of my community. I would like to be a football player, too.



What is your dream for your community?

My dream is to teach the communities. I want the community to be careful, to take good care of the solar systems so that they can last many years. My dream is that the solar systems last many years and that my family is well.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

I enjoy working together with the four Amazonian nationalities.