Ignacio Criollo

Senior Solar Technician from Bavoroe


My name is Ignacio Criollo, I am 22 years old. I am from the community of Bavoroe. I am from the A'i-Cofán nationality. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. We all live together.


What does it mean for you to be a solar technician?

For me it is great because I have the opportunity to learn more. As solar technicians we acquire much knowledge. Last year we worked hard for many months and now this year we are together again, practicing, learning more about the solar systems and many other things. Also, it is great to learn about the installation process in the different communities and to know how everything is working and how the people in the different communities live.

We are a great group and everything is fine. We are moving forward each day and also are training the new technicians. As we are working together we are learning more about solar electricity and the solar systems. For me the team is great and we are making very good progress together.


How do you feel about bringing light to your community and the other communities?

I'm very happy about having brought light to my community because we had no light before and it was difficult to live without light. With diesel generators, we had to use many of our resources to be able to afford them. But now we are using the solar systems. In my community they're all happy because the lights do not make any noise, like the generators do, it is like a clean light.

Before, when we got up at 4 am, when we had to travel somewhere or for work, it was complicated, handling and preparing things in the dark or only with a flashlight is hard, searching in the dark is almost impossible. Also, after we went fishing, we arrived back home at around 9 or 10 in the night and it is completely dark, or if me and my siblings need to do homework or study for school it was very difficult without light, but now everything is very chevere (cool)!


What do you like the most about the solar project?

What I like about the solar project is the light, the light of the solar systems is incredible! I'm proud. I like the system. I'm learning more, much more and getting to know different communities through my work as a solar technician is really nice, too, I really like it.


What are some differences between the communities and the different nationalities?

The differences we have seen is in the customs, languages, nd histories, also the communities as such and forests around them are different. We make different experiences in each community. Also the animals, there are many animals that I have not seen in my community before. When we went to places like Lagartococha [border region between Ecuador and Peru], there were these lagoons, like mirrors, very wonderful, that I had never seen before, also beautiful rivers.


Some similarities?

Just like us, the A’i people, we are cheerful and so are in the Wao people, too, and in Mañoko, the Sekopais, and so on. That to me is very similar. We all speak our own tribal languages. Another example of a similarity are out ancient traditional festivals, we both have them. They also have their traditional clothes and customs for the holidays.


How have the communities welcomed the solar technicians?

I've always felt good with the way they have welcomed us, in the different communities. With the new technicians we have worked together, supporting all the communities we went to with solar energy. The beneficiaries also support us. I am happy. The beneficiary families have helped us with tools, transportation, food, a lot!


What do you do in your free time?

I always like to play the guitar, sing and listen to music and work for a couple of hours. I like to listen to music where they use guitars.


What is your dream?

A dream is a bit difficult. In the future I would like to study more. What I think about my future is to be a musician, an artist. I like to learn more, to become more professional, that's what I think and to move forward. I´d like to learn to play many instruments. In the future, I would like to have a music group, a band. That's my dream. I hope it will come true.


What is your dream for your community?

I would like to have cabins in my community and to make a presentation of our traditional culture to share them when visitors arrive. My uncles play our traditional instruments very well.


What would be your message to all those who have supported the solar project?

I am happy with this solar project solar of LOVE FOR LIFE that supported the indigenous people of Ecuador a lot with the solar systems. Every family of the communities is happy because they now have light forever.

I'm happy because they [LFL] are supporting from far away, because they came from far way and committed to fulfill their promise of installing these solar systems.